What to pack for a weekend getaway?

What to pack for a weekend getaway?

You can’t beat a weekend getaway, and whether you’re staying within these fair isles or travelling further afield, making the most of your limited baggage allowance is key. The unpredictability of the weather at the moment makes it even harder to pack for, and you can be forgiven for feeling a sense of foreboding at the prospect of choosing what to take and what to leave.

Ever helpful, the Hip Store wants to make your life as easy as possible. We’ve pulled together the ultimate weekend bag, full to the brim with the best garms to cover you whatever the weather.

The bag

No, that wheel along suitcase your nan gave you just won’t cut it. You want something lightweight, portable yet rugged to transport your trusty cargo from A to B, and the small duffle bag in Otter green from Filson is the answer you were looking for.

The tee

Next you want to get your layering right, and the best place to start is a good quality, well-cut tee. Your choice is nigh on endless these days for great quality t-shirts, but this week we’re really feeling Saturdays Surf NYC’s range of 100 per cent cotton pique tees with pockets in block colours, especially this heather number. The perfect base on which to build any outfit (maybe pack a spare in case the weekend takes a turn for the messy).

The jeans

A sensible yet stylish choice that can be worn all weekend no matter the occasion. Bring a bit of Japanese craftsmanship to your weekend bag by choosing the slim fit OrSlow 107s in onewash.

The shirt

Not just any shirt will do here, you want something that will work well pulled on unbuttoned if a Saturday afternoon walk takes the turn for the chilly, and can be buttoned up to the nines when you hit that ‘little place you know’ on the evening. For such occasions, the Hip Store will invariably reach for the lightweight Bakers overshirt from Nottingham’s finest Universal Works.

The trainers

You’re relaxing, so you want to make sure your shoe options aren’t all business. As such, good trainers are a necessity for a weekend break, and they don’t get much more versatile than Novesta’s Star Master in ecru. The soft canvas uppers are lightweight and breathable – perfect should Mr Sunshine decide to make an appearance.

The boots

While a good pair of trainers will see you through most occasions these days, packing something a bit more robust is recommended too. If robust is what you’re after, it’s hard to look away from Redwing, especially the original styling of the Moc Toe boot in Oro Russet – perfect for a long way on path or pavement and the pub afterwards.

The sunglasses

Let’s be optimistic – the weather hasn’t been that bad this year so far, therefore carrying with you a pair of good-quality sunglasses is definitely a good idea. Timeless by name, timeless by nature, the Han Kjobenhavn clip-on sunglasses in amber sun are built to last a lifetime.

The jacket

However, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. The chance of a freak shower is never beyond the realms of possibility, and carrying a hooded, summer-weight jacket is a practical solution. The crisp, clean lines of the Nunk summer cotton jacket in navy from Norse Projects is the one.

The toiletries

Perennially left behind, packing up your own favoured toiletries is a sure fire way to ensure you get a little taste of home while on your break. Plump for a good quality soap that will refresh you enough to make the most of your trip, such as Mr Natty’s handpressed Shipwreck soap.

 Find your perfect weekend away outfit at the Hip Store.

New Balance “Age of Exploration” Pack

New Balance brings us their “Age of Exploration” Pack, inspired by the great outdoors. Featuring the popular silhouettes of the 998 and 997, designed and crafted in New England, USA. Available instore and online here.

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6 essential shoes for summer


The beer gardens are full. The ice cream vans are out. Men are marauding Britain’s high streets in short-vest combos. They can only mean one thing – the sun has arrived.

It’s the time of year when are hardy-soled, sturdy-uppered boots and brogues are given a spring clean and placed in a safe place for a rainy day, to be replaced by the breathable, slip-on friendly shoes of summer.

To help you make this transition without any slip ups, we’ve pulled together six of the Hip Store’s must-have footwear styles for the season.

The penny loafer

Getting a smart shoe that will also keep your feet cool as the temperature rises is notoriously difficult to get right. At least it was, until Bass Weejuns invented the Penny Loafer. Hand-stitched, available in wine, black or cognac and signature penny-keeper strap, the Bass Weejun Larson and Logan loafer is a shoe that won’t look out of place in the office or the pub, no matter how hot it gets.


The deck shoe

Just because you’re hitting up the beach doesn’t mean leather and suede are out of the question, as shown by the following two perfect exponents of the deck shoe. Smart yet casual and today a true menswear classic, the deck shoe should have a place in every man’s wardrobe. Whether you go classic leather with the original Sperry Topsider, or suede with the subtle charm of Sebago’s deck shoes, hit the deck and pick up a pair today.


The canvas pump

Like many of the above, the canvas pump was born as a practical solution for a functional issue, before transcending its original purpose to become a style staple in its own right. Sported by tennis players the world over from the 30s onwards, the canvas pump is now synonymous with easy wearing summer style. Go for the original with new to the Hip Store’s Spring Court, or take a contemporary step with our favourites Novesta.


The sandals

Sometimes, the heat gets to such a level that those toes need to be freed. Worn correctly, the sandal is the perfect choice to keep cool and comfortable this summer. Leather Birkenstocks have been the go-to sandal for men in the know for as long as we can remember, while Suicoke of Japan’s Depa range are ones not to be mixed.


The luxury option

Who says sneakers can’t be smart? Common Projects trainers are about as luxury as trainers come, with their incredible build quality, detailing and durability. Go with the 1895 for the finest slip-on choice. Filling Pieces have also long been treading the line between high fashion and streetwear when it comes premium summer sneakers.


The casual option

Last but not least, the casual option is also well worth considering when you come to choose one of your many summer sneaker options. The undisputed kings in this field are of course adidas Originals and New Balance. Whether you go for the vintage, sporty styling of the former’s Racing 1, or the unnerving quality of the latter’s M577BDB, you won’t go wrong.







How to take better photos on your phone

For some – such as the on point urban photographers we profiled recently – photography comes easy. However, this is not true for everyone. Despite the fact that everyone now is walking round with a HD camera in their back pocket, most people still don’t know how to get the most from it. Poor framing, lack of focus and thumbs over lenses are still common place, and no amount of Instagram filters will solve those.

To help you nail those perfect shots this summer, we’ve pulled together this quick guide which will have you taking better photographs on your smartphone in no time.


Probably the simplest trick of them all. Using the rule of thirds principle (putting points of interest at the cross-sections of the lines), your image will be more visually stimulating for the viewer. The gridlines also help you to ensure everything is lined up nice and straight, and you aren’t chopping off half of your missus’ head in front of that iconic landmark.


One of the good points about the unpredictability of the British weather is that you almost always have puddles, even in summer, which instantly opens up scope to have some fun with reflections. There’s something instantly appealing about a mirror image, so always keep one eye out for the chance to snap one.


Like reflections discussed above, there’s something deeply satisfying ingrained in the human psyche about symmetry. Symmetrical photos always look great, and if you’ve followed step one and have your gridlines turned on, it’ll be really easy to make sure everything is lined up and looking on point.

Don’t zoom!

It may be tempting to start pinching at that touchscreen to get a little closer in on your subject, but you’ll almost always end up with a blurry, pixelated image which is almost unrecoverable. Instead of zooming, simply move closer to your subject, or embrace the fact it’s going to be smaller in the final shot. Framing it in a lower quadrant, embracing negative space or adopting an irregular angle for the shot can all make a feature of the smaller subject matter.

Introducing our latest addition: Albam

Welcoming a new brand to the Hip Store family is always cause for celebration, especially when they align so closely with our ethos and values. For the past decade, Albam has been winning over legions of new followers with its understated, quality menswear, and if you haven’t already met, we’d like to introduce this stellar British brand to you today.


Albam was created in 2006 by London-based Alastair Rae and James Shaw, who were yearning for a menswear brand built around ‘the confidence you get from wearing a favourite piece of clothing,’ and the inherent, special connection between man and cloth.

Since the early days on Bleak Street in Soho, the brand has focused on producing wardrobe essentials that value quality fabric, fits and finishes above all else. Adhering to the ‘good design is something you never see’ principle, Albam has never been described as flash, and that’s exactly the way they like it. Each seasonal collection carries an understated elegance, creating a timeless quality engrained into the fabric of each garment, meaning your favourite Albam piece will stay with you for years to come.

Key pieces

Boat jacket

This versatile jacket should be a mainstay in any man’s wardrobe, and is the perfect outerwear for summer evenings. Available in navy, white or khaki, the Albam boat jacket is constructed in the ‘trucker’ style, with front pockets and adjustable side straps from 100 per cent cotton.


Rail shirt

A lightweight shirt is a must for warmer months, and we can’t think of many better options that Albam’s rail shirt, complete with ticking stripe. The pyjama collar creates a level of informality perfect for the season and the ultra-light Portuguese linen will keep you cool and calm no matter how high that heat dial soars.

Classic pocket t-shirt

You can never have too many t-shirts, and Albam’s version of this menswear staple definitely deserves to be that ‘just one more’ in your collection. Available in white, navy and regatta blue flavours, this classic pocket tee is 100% cotton with a regular fit to ensure you don’t get hot under the fabric-trimmed collar.



View the Hip Store’s complete handpicked selection from Albam online and instore now.