adidas SPEZIAL AW17 Drop 2

We welcome the 2nd drop of  Gary Aspden’s adidas Spezial on Friday 6th October. The drop features another four shoes, following up from the six which launched on 22nd September.

20170301_Adidas-04-042_V4 copy

The entire range was shot by photographer Nick Knight and modelled by Drum ‘n Bass producer and DJ “Goldie”, a guy who is one of the few people to have done a Boiler Room set and hold an MBE. But before he became known for his Jungle bass lines, Goldie was big in the graffiti scene during the 1980s and continues today to be keen activist for the art style. So inspired by the man himself, we’ll be giving away limited edition spray paint cans with adidas Spezial orders, instore and online. Please note, there is only a limited amount available, so will be given out on a first come, first served basis. Each one comes in a co-branded box and filled with metallic gold paint.



Here’s a closer look at the footwear from Drop 2…


Intack SPZL

A different colourway to the first drop, the Intack SPZL takes inspiration from the 70s and 80s Freizeit collection.


Lacombe SPZL

Similar to the SS16 drop, the French Riviera inspired piece is back once again – the design taken from the Newcombe, originally a tennis shoe


A true 70s runner, the TRX SPZL combines a suede and nylon upper for a true vintage feel true to the original design.


Super Tobacco SPZL

A super soft leather upper and minimal tonal design, with minor refinements from the original archive product.



Drop 2 launches online 00:01BST 6th October.

Late Summer Spree

If you have planned an end-of-summer holiday we have some great news. We have an abundance of new season deliveries that include some ideal bits for warmer climes. Whether you’re headed to the beach, a city-break or someplace else you’ll find something you’ll need in our new arrivals. If you’re looking to enhance your airport uniform (that’s a thing, right?) or simply some smart bits so you look your best abroad you should keep reading.


Armor Lux have come through with a new collection of nautical naughtiness that includes some superb Breton striped splendours. Their long sleeve t-shirts are a great addition to any mid-season wardrobe and rumor has it they love a holiday just as much as we do.


New Converse Chuck 70s have landed and we can’t stop smiling. The ‘parchment’ colourway has decided to show it’s face once more in a form of a restock and there are some lovely new colours in both low and high versions. The Chuck 70 is more than a holiday shoe though isn’t it.


It goes with out saying that you need some decent sunnies for any holiday. Squinting in the sun is the worst; this is where London-based label YMC enter the fold. They make some really classy summer eyewear that’ll combat the sun but also offer a helping hand when the head’s a little sore from the night before.


If we had a ‘holiday shoe’ category the Novesta Star Master would probably be sitting top of the pile. It’s lightweight, breathable, comfortable and looks best worn with shorts. There are some cracking new colours for the new season too. Check them out.


A good cap and a good holiday go hand in hand. Throw it on when the midday heat hits or when your hair is quite clearly in ‘out of office’ mode too. Fjallraven do this one called Heglas; we have no idea what that means but we’re not letting that worry us – you need one of these for your last minute jaunts.


Holiday Checklist

Whichever type of holiday you have planned this summer, packing the right bits can often be an overwhelming task. One thing that’s certain is that you’re probably going to need plenty of t-shirtsshorts, a pair of sandals, some sort of headwear and potentially swim shorts. Our Holiday Checklist is designed to ease the packing process and fully equip you to enjoy your holiday from start to finish.

If you’ve a city-break planned this summer, a pair of sandals can combat that inner city heat. Let’s be honest, that sweaty feet feeling is far from ideal. For beach-bound folk sandals are crucial, that’s obvious though isn’t it. Japanese label Suicoke make some unreal, high-performance sandals that’ll be just the ticket, the Vibram sole gives gives you the added benefit of all-day comfort.

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 13.37.58


Okay we’re stating the obvious here but if you’re off to someplace with a pool or a beach then swim shorts are a basic fundamental. The Patagonia Baggies are a classic part of the Patagonia product roster every summer season and handy features include side pockets, a snap rear pocket and a quick drying fabric that makes them ultra dependable.

With the sun beating down on you all day long, holiday headwear is essential. The sun takes it’s toll on that old cranium of yours, it’s important to look after things like ones head. Our cap offering is plentiful with a selection of different styles from Filson, Norse Projects, Fjallraven and Patagonia.

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 13.39.06

If you’re anything like us then packing the right number of t-shirts is high up on the agenda; one for each day and one for every evening – that’s basically a stack of tees. The Our Legacy Perfect T-Shirt is, as the brand say themselves, just perfect and it’s ideal for any holiday. One not enough? Shop all t-shirts.


Fresh Fragrance

Founded in 2011, niche British perfume house Laboratory Perfumes craft unique, natural scents that are scientifically formulated to respond to the wearer and evolve on the skin over time. The contemporary fragrances are inspired by the flora and fauna of the British countryside and have been precisely blended with natural oils. The resulting scents are modern, wholesome and fresh that evoke the natural ambiance of the British landscape. The humble brown packaging and understated clear bottles reflect the brand’s love of simplicity but the fragrances are quite the opposite; a complex, truly elegant aroma features throughout each individual scent. 


Atlas, Tonka, Gorse, Amber and Samphire by Laboratory Perfumes can all be found online now.

Festival Fever

As the festival season enters its peak we put together a few bits we could see ourselves wearing depending on the type of festival we’re off to. Covering everything from accessories that’ll carry all of our festival essentials to the perfect tops, pants, outerwear and footwear.


Best of British | Think Glastonbury, Festival No. 6. Let’s start with headwear that’ll combat that inevitable British rain or if you’re an optimist, something that will be ideal for when the sun shows. Our selection of summer coats and jackets will be just the ticket for when the cold starts to bite after sundown too.


Featured above: Patagonia – P-6 Logo Trucker Cap | Armor Lux – 74724 Popover Jacket  | Polo Ralph Lauren – Embroided Chino Short | Bata Heritage – Bata Bullet High Top Canvas


Featured above: TSPTR – | California T-Shirt


Featured above: Beams Plus – BD Madras Crazy Short Sleeve Shirt | Barbour – Tiverton Tee | Norse Projects – Aros Light Shorts | Eastland – Stonington 1955 Boot

City Slicks | Think Field Day, Primavera Sound. For a city-based festival you’re going to need a completely an entirely different set of clothes. For us, a festival in the city and a technical pair of runners is an absolute no-brainer, these New Balance 247 Luxe would be ideal. On top we’re thinking a plenty of pieces that work as layers so you can peel off a layer depending on where you’re up to; at a bar in the city or at the festival site. You need to try and look a bit more presentable don’t you, well we’ve plenty of lovely clothes that’ll sort you out.



Featured above: Universal Works – Mambo Cotton Road Shirt | Norse Projects – Esben Blind Stitch T-Shirt


Featured above: Polo Ralph Lauren – Chino Short


Featured above: Universal Works – Twill Military Work Short | Carhartt – Fatigue Short | New Balance – 247 Luxe


Featured above: Norse Projects – James Fine Stripe T-Shirt | Patagonia – LW Travel Mini Hip Bag


Featured above: Edwin – Federal Jacket | New Balance – 247 Luxe


Beach Boy | Think Soundwave Festival, Hideout Festival. These festivals are great; a summer holiday and festival combined. You’re not going to need to pack a lot, trust us we are in-the-know (loads of t-shirts, one pair of shorts, one pair of swim shorts for the duration and you’re set). Sunglasses are a must, a shed-load of t-shirts is the obvious one and then some hot-weather appropriate footwear will do just nicely. Finally, a little bag will be a life saver; you can keep allsorts in here including that fancy currency, sun cream and some valuables.

Featured above: Universal Works – Brick Print Road Shirt | Universal Works – Brick Print Beach Short | Converse – Chuck 70


Featured above: Universal Works – Single Jersey Embroidered T-Shirt | Han Kjobenhavn Sunglassses


Featured above: Polo Ralph Lauren – Chino Short


Featured above: Universal Works – Havana Stripe Road Shirt

So they’re have it. Our take on what we feel is appropriate clothing for whatever festival you’re off to this summer. Enjoy yourself wherever you go, sincerely The Hip Store.


How to be a stylish cyclist

With the Tour de Yorkshire at the weekend, and more of us jumping on our bikes as a mode of transport, we thought we would give you the low-down at how to look good when you’re riding from A to B.  Whether you’re a speedy commuter or a casual Boris Biker take inspiration from our guide on how to be a stylish cyclist.

Disclaimer: we always encourage you wear a helmet.  Safety first.


Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 12.29.35


When you have valuables to carry, but you’re on a bike – the Nanamica Cycling Pack is your go to.  Yes, it’s an obvious statement but you’ll thank us later for finding a practical holdall that fits everything but still looks good.

Worn here with Albam T-shirt, Barbour Classic Check Shirt and Clark Originals Brown Leather Weavers.


Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 15.00.57


Beat the wind, and the rain, with the weather proof Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket.  On a grey day you’ll always find yourself picking it up.  Plus, choose a jazzy colour and passing motorists will take note. Worn here with adidas Stan Smith Trainers and Patagonia Hip Pack.


Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 12.33.51


Unlined and unstructured to create a relaxed look, this Universal Works Twill London Jacket will not only be the perfect layer for the Summer months but it has all the qualities for comfortable cycling as you race to your next meeting.  Completed with two front pockets, there’s no need for a bag and you’ll definitely look the part too. Worn here with Novesta Starmaster Plimsolls and Norse Project Aros Chinos.


Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 14.59.39


The Battenwear Packable Tote is ideal for when you’re on the move.  With two handles and a longer strap it has all the elements for a speedy commuter.  Quickly throw over your shoulder and off you go. Worn here with Carhartt Long Sleeve Union Shirt, Carhartt Sid Shorts and Fjallraven Helags Cap.




Brand Focus – Red Wing

Named after the sleepy Minnesota town of its birth, Red Wing is now one of the most highly-regarded footwear brands on the planet.

Back in 1905, local shoe merchant Charles Beckman spotted a gap in the market for shoes that were specifically designed to stand up to the demands of traditional local industries such as mining. He therefore crafted footwear that could cope with the rigours of such draining pursuits, whilst providing the wearer with ultimate comfort.

The 8inch boot was the original, introduced in 1953, the 877 was initially marketed as a sport boot but since became the icon of the Red Wing brand, and the inspiration for the sporting spinoff Irish Setter Brand. The 6 inch moc toe we all know and love came into being after a request for the 877 to be made shorter, this re-designed iteration has now become the most sought after shoe in the Red Wing range.

Staying true to their name, Red Wing boots are still lovingly crafted in the town of Red Wing with the brands wide-range of toes and finishes always supported by high-quality leathers and Goodyear-welt construction, Red Wing boots are built to last.




Style Lessons From The Silver Screen

We all need a bit of style inspiration every now and again and where better to take it from than some of the best movies of all time?


An all time classic, Pachino in Serpico is American workwear at its very finest… also a pretty good excuse to wear a beanie anywhere, anyhow.


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hp_100855_a hp_100696_a

My Own Private Idaho

A bit of a cult classic and a true homage to the late great River Phoenix.

My Own Private Idaho documents the journey of discovery taken by two young, very well dressed, American teens. From cord shirts to leather jackets and pretty special sunglasses this film has it all and more to boot.


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hp_100799_a hp_100974_a


Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family.

Love it or hate it, Trainspotting is one of the best films of recent times. The style perfectly epitomises that early 90’s city grime… and we can’t get enough of it.


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hp_100536_a hp_101969_a

The Great Escape

One of the biggest sartorial icons of all time, Steve McQueen is renowned world wide for his effortless style, weather wearing a roll neck under a perfectly tailored blazer or jeans and a tee his dressing was nonchalant but perfectly styled.

The Great Escape is a prime example of this, and a life lesson in how to make a navy T-Shirt and a pair of Chinos look super cool.


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hp_105591_a hp_100134_a

Annie Hall

Woody Alan is the perfect anti hero, someone whose meandering monologues, at one point or another, we can all relate to.

Not your typical style icon there was definitely always something to him and Annie Hall epitomises it, just look at that chambray.


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hp_100848_a hp_105144_c

Rebel Without A Cause

The ultimate bad boy and undeniable king of cool, James Dean, shows us how to make the iconic Harrington look like the coolest jacket there ever was. Plus, anyone who can pull off jeans and t-shirt like this has to go down in the style hall of fame.

LOS ANGELES - 1955: Actor James Dean poses for a Warner Bros publicity shot for his film 'Rebel Without A Cause' in 1955 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

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hp_100979_a hp_101536_a

A chat with Gary Aspden

To celebrate the launch of the latest collection of adidas SPEZIAL we had a chat with man of the moment, Gary Aspden to get a little more insight into this season’s offering.

Here’s how it panned out.

So, what’s the thinking behind this season’s collection?

We used a graphic on a piece of knitwear in the first season of Spezial that we affectionately called the Modernist Trefoil. This graphic was reproduced for a banner by a group of Liverpool FC fans who were onto the range at the very beginning. They took this banner to a number of European games and in a very short space of time fans from other clubs created their own banners incorporating that graphic. I have since seen Spezial banners from a host of places – from Italy to Russia to Indonesia. There are a couple of really good ones at Old Trafford and there are now a number of banners at Ewood Park (I support Blackburn Rovers). That type of response to what we are doing doesn’t really get any better as far as I’m concerned – its a massive honour. adidas is inextricably linked with the subculture that surrounds British football but a lot of people who are into that are still only just discovering Spezial as distribution is relatively tight and it isn’t widely available. It still feels like a mass produced secret.

I wanted to reciprocate the love that has been shown for the Mod Trefoil by centring this latest collection around it. In many ways it’s become the unofficial Spezial logo. I love the fact that the popularity of the Mod Trefoil came from the people that buy the range as much as from us. There is nothing commercial or contrived about the way it has happened – it’s been organic and there is a purity to that. That deserves to be celebrated….

What’s your favourite piece this time around?

Today it’s the Sudell suit … it sums up what Spezial is all about. The fabrication is really slick and the linear Mod Trefoils across the chest are a subtle nod to the Lendl top. Spezial is about echoing and reinterpreting products from an era of adidas that I believe to be on the whole timeless.

What made you decide to reintroduce the Manchester?

There were a few reasons. They were originally created to be worn but only minimal quantities were originally available for retail due to the shoe being created outside of the traditional product creation/sell in cycle. The prices for the 2002 shoe had become so high and the chances of seeing them on foot were steadily becoming slimmer. I wanted to address that. Furthermore I was never 100% happy with them and whilst to some it had become a ‘sacred cow’ I knew there was room for improvement.

Why do you think the Manchester is such a sought after shoe?

It’s a good looking shoe that has never been overly distributed. It is associated with one of those cities that have played a huge role in the history and culture that surrounds the brand.

How do you decide what to bring back and when to introduce something new? Is it a pretty hard process?

People think I get to sit with the entire adidas back catalogue and just choose what I would like to bring back but this really is not the case. There are practical considerations that have to be navigated – primarily, does the tooling exist? And do we have appropriate lasts to match that tooling? These are the starting points. The cost of creating new toolings for sole units that don’t currently exist is not an option for such a niche range. Finding the correct last is crucial to the shape of the upper – a lot of lasts that were used for OG shoes no longer exist as they belonged to localised factories (many of those shoes were produced by licensees). We then have to ensure that what we do with Spezial has a point of difference from what the inline team are doing – hence why we on the whole reissue lesser known vintage shoes alongside new hybrids that have that vintage aesthetic. I am constantly being asked on social media to reissue stuff that has previously been put out by the inline team (particularly the ‘city’ series) which really would be a pointless exercise – that is not what adidas have brought me in to do.

A lot of talk has surrounded the Manchester but the Indoor Super looks pretty special too, what made you decide to bring this one back and how different is it from the original?

The simple answer is that I was not a fan of the 2004 reissue and thought that the Spezial team could improve upon it. Reissues are much more sophisticated now than they were back then. The Indoor Super is quite a well known archive shoe but historically these type of shoes were never that popular beyond the U.K. I personally believed that if we could get them right then they would be well received as they are a design classic. The good thing about classic designs is that if they are recreated with accurate specifications then they won’t be reliant solely on nostalgia for their popularity. We looked at several OG pairs with slight differences and took what we thought were the best bits from each. The upper specs are much more true to the vintage shoes, as are the materials/colours, but for me it is the improvement to the toe box that makes these. The resulting shoes and the response to them speaks for itself.

The collection has become pretty popular with some very prominent musicians and you have Wolf Gillespie as the face of this campaign. Is there an intrinsic link between SPEZIAL and the music scene or is it just coincidence?

I am a huge music fan. My first job in adidas was in Entertainment Promotions and consequently I have known a number of musicians (some of who I am a fan of) for many years now. I am pleased that some of those people really like what I am doing and have been very vocal in their support and love of it.

We chose Wolf for a number of reasons – primarily I don’t know any other teenagers who have hair like that and that was what we wanted for the styling of it. We like to present the range in ways that aren’t easy to pigeonhole so Wolf’s look fitted well. Kevin Cummins photographed his dad Bobby for the very first season so it was a nice continuation of that. It is a reflection of the fact that whilst Spezial is popular with a slightly older and more mature audience we are seeing more and more younger lads getting into it.

Do you keep one of everything for your personal collection?

Of course. adidas never had a long term plan for Spezial so I personally kept one of everything for posterity initially. Spezial has continued to roll through the love that it’s customers have shown for it so that archive is steadily growing.

Last but not least, if you had to pick your one favourite shoe of all time… what would it be?

Oh not that question … it’s like asking for my favourite album – it changes from day to day. I haven’t yet made my favourite adidas shoe of all time  – but I am going to try. Watch this space.

See the collection here.

Edwin x The Hip Store at Headrow House


Earlier this month we joined forces with our friends at Edwin  to throw a little party at Headrow House in celebration of the first Friday of the month, any excuse right?

With Greg Wilson and Everton providing the soundtrack to the night, we all had a great time sipping our very own “Takayama Blue” cocktail made with Brockmans Gin, Elderflower liqueur, lemon and thyme gomme and blueberries.

Thanks to everyone who made it down, we’re looking forward to the next one already.






Read more about this event on the Edwin Blog.

Interesting Instagrammers

To celebrate world photo day we’ve pulled together a list of some of our favourite Instagram accounts, take a seat, put your feet up and get your thumb ready for some serious scrolling.




A food editor based out of London, @clerkenwellboyec1 has become the Di Niro of the foodie Instagram world with over 140K followers to date. Heading to some of the best know (and unknown) restaurants around the world, he takes beautiful pictures of beautiful food… what more could we ask for?








You’d expect Instagram to be every photographers dream but this isn’t always the case. It can be very difficult to get your style across on this social platform… it’s not just about taking a nice picture of a sunset and tagging it #nofilter you know.

That being said, @gess8 is one of the most visually outstanding Instagram accounts we have ever come across.








We all know how trendy the Scandinavians are and @fredrikrisvik is a prime example. Based in Norway he works with some of the nicest brands around to create his menswear blog.

His style is clean cut and simple, just the way we like it.








If like us, you consider coffee to be a life essential then you’re going to love this one.

The brains behind @manmakecoffee is New Yorker Andy ,who busies himself with exploring the coolest coffee spots and sampling their wares.

Dream job? We think so.








If you’re looking for something slightly controversial, but always interesting, to liven up your Instagram feed then look no further than @anthonylister.

This Australian born painter is anything but conventional and produces curates some amazing shows across the world. Luckily for us he documents these on his Instagram account, bringing a little bit of culture to your daily commute.








Probably the strangest of our choices is @darias88. A graphic designer from Columbia Daniel Aristizábal’s creations are always bright, fun if not a little out there.

Regardless of your artistic tastes there’s always an interesting project to get lost in on Daniel’s feed.







How to take better photos on your phone

For some – such as the on point urban photographers we profiled recently – photography comes easy. However, this is not true for everyone. Despite the fact that everyone now is walking round with a HD camera in their back pocket, most people still don’t know how to get the most from it. Poor framing, lack of focus and thumbs over lenses are still common place, and no amount of Instagram filters will solve those.

To help you nail those perfect shots this summer, we’ve pulled together this quick guide which will have you taking better photographs on your smartphone in no time.


Probably the simplest trick of them all. Using the rule of thirds principle (putting points of interest at the cross-sections of the lines), your image will be more visually stimulating for the viewer. The gridlines also help you to ensure everything is lined up nice and straight, and you aren’t chopping off half of your missus’ head in front of that iconic landmark.


One of the good points about the unpredictability of the British weather is that you almost always have puddles, even in summer, which instantly opens up scope to have some fun with reflections. There’s something instantly appealing about a mirror image, so always keep one eye out for the chance to snap one.


Like reflections discussed above, there’s something deeply satisfying ingrained in the human psyche about symmetry. Symmetrical photos always look great, and if you’ve followed step one and have your gridlines turned on, it’ll be really easy to make sure everything is lined up and looking on point.

Don’t zoom!

It may be tempting to start pinching at that touchscreen to get a little closer in on your subject, but you’ll almost always end up with a blurry, pixelated image which is almost unrecoverable. Instead of zooming, simply move closer to your subject, or embrace the fact it’s going to be smaller in the final shot. Framing it in a lower quadrant, embracing negative space or adopting an irregular angle for the shot can all make a feature of the smaller subject matter.