A.P.C. ‘HIVER 87’

Our opening AW17 delivery from French label A.P.C. includes essential pieces from its HIVER 87 capsule collection. A.P.C. is celebrating 30 years by digging into the archive and producing a limited edition run of clothing and accessories, all decorated with original graphics and branding.

During the early days A.P.C. product was branded with either HIVER 87 or ETE 87 meaning Winter 87 and Summer 87. However, the French brand dropped this concept and subsequently the easier and cleaner A.P.C. branding came to fruition. As always, its collection is full of luxe, low-key staples that’ll enhance your winter wardrobe.

LH7A3905 LR

LH7A3720 LR

LH7A3982 LR