adidas ‘ORIGINALS’ With Come Through Lab & HIP

We gave the world an original, you gave us a thousand back.

HIPadidas Originals & Come Through Lab would like to invite you as a guest to celebrate Come Through Lab as ‘ORIGINALS’ as we come together on Thursday 16th November at HIP Manchester.

Come Through Lab is an independent photographic lab born in 2021 with a desire to provide a much needed service to the artists, photographers and creatives that make up Manchester’s thriving cultural scene. Regularly sharing photos from its customers, Come Through Lab gives an insight into Manchester at ground level. Based in Ancoats – the neighborhood at the epicentre of the city’s food & drink space – and in close proximity to Northern Quarter where HIP Manchester is located, Come Through Lab is a friendly addition to the local creative community. The Lab has an inclusive feel, combining the DIY and accessible nature of mini labs with the quality service and expertise of a pro lab.

Thursday 16th November, 7pm-10pm
HIP Manchester – 63 Thomas Street, Manchester, M4 1LQ
Music by Taxi Cab Industries
Drinks By Flawd
Open Invite (18+)
No RSVP needed