HIP have worked with iconic Japanese label Beams Plus to create an exclusive 5-piece collection focused around ‘on and off the field’ rugby uniforms that were originally seen in the early 1800’s in the North of England. The North is renowned for rugby with the region producing some of the best teams in the world to this day – with each town filled with heritage, stories and club rituals that have been passed down over generations.

The Beams Plus For HIP collection is centred around the traditional on-field kit seen in the 1800’s – a band collar rugby shirt with bold stripes, heavy relaxed sweatpants, and sports socks, rounded off with a timeless Harris Tweed patchwork blazer and relaxed cord pants ideal for after game wear in the clubhouse.

By combining this Northern legacy with Beams Plus’ prowess to create quality and timeless clothes with preppy historical undertones – each Beams Plus For HIP piece represents a piece of British history whilst remaining rugged and ready for everyday modern wear.

The BEAMS PLUS For HIP collection is available now exclusively at HIP online and in Leeds.

Beams Plus x HIP Harris Tweed Patchwork Blazer Jacket

Inspired by after game uniforms seen in Rugby clubhouses across the North – the Beams Plus For HIP Harris Tweed Patchwork Blazer Jacket features a unique custom patchwork design for HIP and has been crafted using rich handwoven wool Harris Tweed fabric made by the renowned luxury British fabric brand – a family-run business that specialises in their world-famous, luxurious, and iconic fabric.

Beams Plus x HIP Corduroy 2 Pleat Trousers

Part of the Beams Plus For HIP on and off the field concept, the Corduroy 2 Pleat Trousers have been made with specifically after game clubhouse wear in mind. A corduroy spin on the ever-popular Beams Plus 2 Pleat Chinos, these trousers feature the same iconic relaxed thigh and tapered fit, offered in an exclusive rich navy corduroy for HIP.

Beams Plus x HIP Striped Band Collar Rugby Shirt

Based around on and off the field rugby uniforms that were originally seen in the early 1800’s in the North of England – the Striped Band Collar Rugby Shirt is a heavy jersey rugby shirt that features a unique multi panelled striped design that pays homage to the history of the evolution of team colours in the game. The first ever teams in the early days of the sport only wore one solid colour, but as the game grew and more clubs were born and merged, the introduction of two, three and even multi striped designs became more necessary. Our Rugby Shirt references the design of the first on field shirts, where the collar was much shorter, and the patterns and materials were bold, hard-wearing, and game ready.

Beams Plus x HIP Heavy Sweatpants

Based upon traditional rugby uniforms that were originally seen in the early 1800’s in the North of England – the Heavy Sweatpants are a relaxed fitting, heavyweight pair of sweatpants which reflect the kits worn on field back in the era, typically worn with a band collar rugby shirt, with the sweats tucked into a heavyweight pair of cotton sports socks to match the kit.

Beams Plus x HIP Schoolboy Socks

Utilising the finest Japanese fabrics and craftsmanship, the Schoolboy Socks round off the Beams Plus For HIP collection. These timeless socks reference the 1800s rugby tradition of wearing heavy sweatpants tucked into matching team socks as typical on-field attire.