Branded City Breaks – Volume One

As the days get warmer and the nights get lighter, we long for a weekend away somewhere new and exciting, with the extra bank holidays at this time of year making it the perfect time to stretch your wings and try somewhere new.

To make sure you make the most of these precious weekends, the Hip Store has compiled some of its favourite European city breaks, inspired by the brands that they house and inspired.


The ultimate city break for many, Paris is on point at this time of year, with the hazy evenings perfect for alfresco dining outside your favourite bistro, with a glass f wine in hand, naturally. For those that have never visited, a walking tour of Paris is the best way to see the city. Start at the picturesque Montmatre with its iconic Sacre Couer before meandering down to Notre Dame and the winding streets of the Latin Quarter, snaking along the Seine to the Eiffel Tower, crossing the river to Trocadero Gardens and finishing up on the Champs-Elysees after a brief rest watching the traffic fly by Arc de Triomphe.

Branded City Breaks – Volume One 2

Must see

The Pompidou Centre and its stunning array of carefully curated works of art from the classics right through to the modern day.

Must wear

When in Paris, it has to be A.P.C., with the effortless cool of the brand’s garments marrying perfectly with the laidback nature of the French capital – the A.P.C. denim shirt in indigo is perfect for such a stroll as described above.


Look beyond the stories from your mate’s stag do and up at the imposing architecture, and you’ll appreciate the Dutch city of Amsterdam in a completely different fashion from many a tourist. With the recent passing of the Dutch master Johan Cruyff thrusting in Holland and it’s culture into the limelight once more, anyone with even a passing interest in the beautiful game is recommended to read David Winner’s book Brilliant Orange before visiting this ace city, to get a greater understand of how football has the city of Amsterdam and vice versa.

Branded City Breaks – Volume One 3

Must see

No trip to Amsterdam is complete without visiting Vondelpark, the huge sprawling city centre park perfect for a sunny day, and full to brim with museums and galleries should you need to grab a little shade.

Must wear

Fit in with the locals by donning Patta for your Dutch trip. The retro styling of this italic print t-shirt in white fits the tone to a tee.


While once the 20-somethings of the UK would venture to Barcelona or Berlin to get away from it all during the summer months, Copenhagen has emerged in recent years as theweekend break for those in the know, as Brits can’t get enough of the ice-cold cool of Scandinavian culture.

Branded City Breaks – Volume One 4

Must see

For something a little different to the norm, Tivoli theme park cannot be missed, with its 150 plus years of history making it the second oldest adventure park on the planet.

Must wear

There’s no option but Norse Projects if you want to assimilate in Copenhagen is there? Unfussy and perfectly put together, Norse Projects is the archetypal Danish brand, with the Jens cotton linen broken twill overshirt in navy the perfect garment in which to transition from afternoon to evening in.

Check back in with Ways & Means soon for the next instalment in our branded city break guides.