Don’t Forget Dad

With Father’s Day less than a couple of weeks away (June 17th) we thought we better help everyone get a head-start on sorting out dad’s present. Our carefully curated selection of gift ideas is a bunch of things that we think dad’s going to love.

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Here we have pulled together what we feel is classic dad uniform. A host of our favourite casual shoes, the classic polo shirt from Polo Ralph Lauren, a leather wallet and obviously, a ‘dad cap’. It’s textbook.


If your dad was a bit of a hippie back in the 70s then he’s going to appreciate what we have going on here. A lot of this has been produced from brands that are in-tune with planet Earth with an eco-sustainable approach to business. He will love boring his work colleagues to death about this new-found approach to clothes wearing.


This man knows his branded stuff and is going to be very happy should he be fortunate to get treated to any of this. Top tier branded gear in timeless cuts and classic colours. It’s all very nice.



We have wrapped things up in the grooming department. Put the finishing touches to any Father’s Day gift with the best of our body care supplements and fragrances.