Last week saw HIP host a jazz event to celebrate Fred Perry’s ‘Night Tales’ motif for 2023. The event took place at the award-winning cocktails, wine and live music bar STERLING, hidden away inside the old bank vault of the celebrated Manchester Stock Exchange.

Music and fashion have always been inextricably tied to one another. Titled ‘Night Tales’, inspiration for Fred Perry’s 2023 collections stems from the up-and-coming subcultures – and ones having a resurgence – spread across the world. Championing individuality as much as togetherness, Night Tales is about that whole feeling of going out – planning your outfit weeks beforehand, the buzz of the journey there and the indescribable feeling of coming together with friends and strangers on the dancefloor.

The music for the event was provided by 6-piece jazz band Tanhai Collective, who were born out of the diverse melting-pot culture of South-East London. Influenced by an eclectic range of music like Jazz, Dub and UK club (Broken Beat / DnB / Jungle), the band put forward a unique high-energy sound that is at home in jazz bars and UK clubs alike.