Flagstuff SS18

As new seasons come and go, brands get introduced and dropped. Tokyo-based Flagstuff is a brand well-known for its red-hot graphics and it can be found on The Hip Store rails for the first time this season. Heavily inspired by music, 90s American skate culture, Japanese anime and the Harajuku streetwear scene this new Japanese brand is finally making it’s way to these shores but distribution is still very limited.

HIP-11-002-FLAGSTUFF 8_ig

Flagstuff was established in 2014 by Nobuyuki Murayama and is slowly but surely gaining a cult following with a loyal band of followers.

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Flagstuff SS18 expresses itself through Japanese and Mexican subcultures with references throughout the collection including the dahlia which is the Mexican national flower, the falcon which is the Mexican national bird as well as Japanese animations.

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Flagstuff’s debut collection at The Hip Store features cool graphics and comfortable fabrics across a selection of styles including hoodies, t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and accessories.

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Flagstuff SS18 is online now and available in our Leeds store.

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