Fracap – Crafted Exclusively For HIP

This season HIP have again partnered with Fracap to present a range of Boots in bespoke colourways with unique upper, sole and hardware combinations.

Fracap is an Italian family-run shoe business that has passed through generations, always staying true to its roots. The label’s origins date back to 1908 when the Grandfather of the family Antonio Capello first hand-crafted a pair of shoes. Despite closing when Antonio left for the Great War, the business garnered a reputation for crafting durable and resilient shoes. Fracap evolved constantly throughout the 20th century: first when Antonio’s sons took over in the ’40s and experimented with new designs and welt techniques, and secondly when the next family generation designed a military collection for the Italian Army and Air Force.

Still to this day Fracap is based in Monteroni, a small town in Puglia where the Grandfather first started the business. At that time the area was dubbed “scarpa pulita” (clean shoe), referencing the artisan shoe trade it had become known for. Centering production and design in Monteroni has allowed Fracap to “spread the energy and beauty of our place in the shoes we make with our hands”.

Fracap – Crafted Exclusively For HIP – online now and available in our Leeds & Manchester stores.