Fred Perry Reissues for Spring Summer 17

Their archive is the starting point.  Where each piece tells the story of what came before.  A classic, perfected again.

New for Spring Summer 17, here at The Hip Store we welcome the Fred Perry Reissues Collection.  It features all the best gear from the archives, but with a fresh take on the much loved staples.  It perfectly encapsulates the timeless aesthetic that the classic British brand conveys, whilst still staying relevant and having massive appeal to British subcultures – both young and old.

Our favourites include the Harrington jacket.  First designed in 1930s Britain, it was the ’60s Mods who elevated it to the cult status it has today.  It’s a piece of hardwearing uniform you kind of need in your wardrobe.

Why not go all out and team it with the knitted sports polo.  It brings the elements of Fred Perry’s sportswear design and crosses it into leisurewear.  It’s about being smart, but also being a different kind of smart to the past generations that have come before.  It continues to be worn as part of the subculture uniform to this day.

Shop the Fred Perry Reissues range at The Hip Store.


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