Fred Perry – The 70th Anniversary Of The Twin Tipped Polo Shirt

Fred Perry is an iconic British label. This year the brand and its famous Polo Shirt celebrate their 70th anniversary. From 1952, the triple Wimbledon champion’s eponymous label presented a sophisticated version of sportswear aligned to the style Perry developed during his career and time as a co-owner of the prestigious Beverley Hills Tennis Club.

The Twin Tipped Polo Shirt was born when a buyer from Lillywhites requested unique shirt designs in football team colours. As the decades wore on, the shirt became a subcultural uniform representing different movements across the late 20th century. Embraced across music, film, art and sport, the garment became a powerful emblem of individuality, belonging and even rebellion.

A well-known advocate of the brand was Amy Winehouse. Whether it was on the streets of Camden or on stage, the legendary singer often sported the Polo Shirt, becoming synonymous with the quintessentially British styles associated with Fred Perry. Winehouse, who was the first female to produce her own line with the brand, was one of many famous musicians and sports stars to commonly dress in it. To this day, Fred Perry’s Laurel Wreath Logo is a symbol of British culture that continues to be celebrated.

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