Fresh Tones from Armor Lux

It is that time of year again when the new season starts to arrive in store and we start thinking of layering up for the Autumn.  Some might say a bleak thought whilst the sun is still making an appearance – however we all know this weather can be so unpredictable that tomorrow the enviable might happen (yes, rain).

One does need to be prepared for such occasions and how better than with fresh tones from Armor Lux?  The 2297 Classic Long Sleeve T-shirt is a signature piece for everyone’s wardrobe.  The 100% cotton has a weight good enough to wear on its own as the nights go cooler, and even underneath a jacket when it starts to get really cold.  Made in France and finished with an authentic Breton Stripe, Armor Lux really does boast about being the best.  Shop their signature pattern that still remains a core piece in the collection.