Getting To Know: Hyon-Soo – Uniform Bridge

For SS20 we are excited to add emerging Korean label Uniform Bridge to our brand roster. Based in Korea and quickly gaining attention worldwide, Uniform Bridge creates an in-depth take on American workwear and military-wear through their own unique eye. Expect collections consisting of a balanced mix of both highly wearable everyday garments and accessories mixed with highly functional outdoors friendly pieces ready to layer up with.

Upon arrival of our delivery for this SS20 season, we spoke to designer and CEO of Uniform Bridge Hyon-Soo to find out more.

Hi Hyoon, thanks for taking the time to speak to us at Hip and allowing us to introduce Uniform Bridge to our customers. Please introduce yourself and your role and Uniform Bridge?

I am a designer and CEO of Uniform Bridge. The Uniform Bridge is a collection of clothes that can be worn comfortably in everyday life.

What’s the story of the brand so far and how did the brand begin?

The beginning of the Uniform Bridge was done in the past through a review of original military uniforms or workwear – It was started to create casual and long-dressed clothing by combining modern technology or design with past original design and practicality.

How would you describe the aesthetic of Uniform Bridge?

As mentioned earlier, the Uniform Bridge combines the retrofit of the original military uniforms of the past and the practical value of American workwear in the 1930s with the design values of the present era to form a collection. So I think we can explain that our clothes are a brand of such value and beauty that we can wear for a long time regardless of fashion, even if time passes.

You’re based in Seoul, how would you describe the energy of the city for those who haven’t been and what is the current fashion community like?

The original appearance of Seoul is always busy with people working and moving until late at night. You can think of a city that is fashion-conscious, fast, and sleepless. And with safe security, city scenery is outstanding. Traditional Korean houses and modern architecture can be seen in various parts of Seoul. Like cities in other countries, Seoul has lost much of its old vitality due to the COVID 19 virus. However, another part is that people have found many things to enjoy at home and through the nation’s excellent quarantine procedures their daily lives and their original appearance are gradually being restored. Fashion brands have also been hit by the current situation, but they have recovered a lot from their original appearance,
and all brands are trying to rebound the dark atmosphere of the current situation. One thing I regret is that all the plans for events such as fashion week are still undecided.

Uniform Bridge draws inspiration from many eras and looks throughout menswear, how do you start each collection and where do you look for references?

Our collection usually begins with the original military dress – there could be jungle jackets, M65 pants and M64 parkas borrowed from the original U.S. military design. There are also designs for French anorak and Canadian combats jackets through the retrofit of the original military uniforms of other countries. We often get ideas from clothes like the old workwear of the 1930s in America.

For SS20 you collaborated with Marmot on a collection which is exclusively available in the UK at Hip. How did the collaboration come about?

The collaboration with Marmot was made at our request – we’re a casual mood and Marmot has an outdoor mood. Through this collaboration, we wanted to combine the strengths of the two brands to create a new feel.
So we wanted the collaboration to be the result of a design with the mood of urban outdoor Look. I wanted to melt the design characteristics of our brand into the fabric and technology of their outdoor brand. We wanted clothes with designs that could be worn without restrictions in cities or outdoors and the design came out as planned, and the response was good, so it was a satisfactory collaboration.

Whats next for Uniform Bridge?

In the future, like other brands, I would like to do more interesting collaboration without putting a limit. Even if it is produced as a result of a product other than clothing, I would like to collaborate with various brands to carry out various tasks. We are also preparing a women’s clothing line that matches our original mood – so far, the Uniform Bridge has focused on men, but now it is trying to expand its direction little by little. Also, I want to make our brand enter many countries around the world without any restrictions.

New for SS20 – Our first delivery from Uniform Bridge is online now.