Getting To Know: Keita Ikeuchi – and Wander

For SS20 we are excited to add Japanese outdoors wear label and Wander to our brand roster. Founded in 2011 by Issey Miyake alumni Keita Ikeuchi and Mihoko Mori. and Wander sets out to create outdoors wear that stands up to every element within both urban and outdoors environments. The word “wander”, which means “to roam aimlessly” helps Keita and Miohoka express their brand ethos which encourages people to go outdoors more casually, opposed to hard mountain climbs aiming for high peaks. Instead of creating new seasons from scratch each time, and Wander works to improve current styles with slight tweaks to better performance and build upon silhouettes.

Upon arrival of our delivery for this SS20 season, we spoke to co-founder Keita Ikeuchi to find out more.

You both originally worked at Issey Miyake before launching AndWander, did this make the transition easier taking the leap into starting your own label?

We learnt process of creation in Issey Miyake. There is the gap between mood fashion and outdoor fashion. However, once we learn basics, we can begin to apply new creation.. there are many things in common based on what we have learnt.

AndWander was created due you going on a camping trip and not seeing any Japanese outdoors clothing you wanted to spend your own money on at the time, could you explain what the current market was like then

Outdoor wear continues evolving. However, there are still small number of labels, who have originality and well-motivated for new creation.

Can you explain how AndWander is able to combine fashion and outdoors function wear and balance perfectly in-between both?

Not only design team and pattern cutter team, but fabric suppliers and factories are also involved our creation.

How has the growth of the brand been like since 2011? Did you see more growth in Japan first our overseas?

Since we launched and Wander, we have been growing in both Japanese market and international market include Europe, North America, and Asia. We are very much proud of this.

Love for the outdoors is something both the UK and Japan have in common, could you explain what the outdoors hobby scene is like in Japan and what activities do people enjoy

We can enjoy touching nature’s variety in each region. We enjoy camping, Hiking, trail running, bouldering, fishing, and kayaking.

Where do see the future of outdoors wear going onwards from 2020 and are there any new technologies coming into play

We can’t forecast the future, but we expect dramatic progress will be occurred  as we have seen in the past.

Do you have any personal favourite items from our SS20 Hip Store selection and how would you style/ use them utility wise whilst spending time in the outdoors?

The Weave Windy Pullover and the Pertex Wind Pullover – both these jackets will help your outdoor experience. These are excellent in windproof, water repellency and durability.

We are proud of launching a collaboration sneaker with Salomon. Special reflector material is used in the upper based on original Salomon XA AMPHIB BOLD.  This sneaker is wearable in various summer activities including the water scene.

If you had to explain AndWander in 3 words for someone new to the brand, what would you say?

Be always with nature. Essence of fashion. Passion for progress.

New for SS20 – Our first delivery from and Wander is online now.