Getting To Know: Mirko Antich – General Admission

General Admission is a community-based California inspired label that looks at the world through a lens of optimism and humanity, sharing fringe stories from neighbourhoods and delivering it worldwide through elevated projects and collections. Offering a unique selection of shirting, graphic t-shirts, cargos pants, hats, homeware and more, each General Admission collection comes alive with its eye-catching graphics, elevated fabrics, and handmade ceramics.

In conjunction with our first collection from General Admission at HIP, we caught up with LA based Mirko Antich – head of creative and marketing at GA, to talk West Coast life, branching out into homeware, what’s up next and more.

Firstly please introduce yourself and your role within General Admission?

Whats up HIP. My name is Mirko Antich and I’m in charge of all the creative and marketing for GA. We are a small team and all wear a lot of hats so it’s always something fun and new everyday.

What were you doing before General Admission?

My background is in art and design. I’ve spent the majority of my career in the skateboard industry working in every position from art departments to roles in marketing, menswear, and brand direction.

The West Coast identity plays a big part in the brands ethos and direction; how would you describe everyday life and the vibe in California for those who haven’t been?

It definitely is a pillar of our brand. We champion it so much with a specific focus on Los Angeles and its cultures because each of us all have a different relationship with the city. Los Angeles isn’t just one vibe, it’s 100 cities in one each with its own story and history. If you’re brave enough to handle the freeways you can experience so much in a day. From surfing in the morning, to hitting some taco trucks for lunch. Visiting galleries and museums for a bit of culture, some fine dining on the east side to catching some live music at any of the hundred venues. Whatever you’re into you can find it here – just make sure you have a car!

General Admission has gone on to also offer an impressive selection of lifestyle and homeware goods, how did this extension of the brand originally develop?

It was a natural progression for us. We’ve always aimed to make things that help people live their best life. Craftsmanship has always been important for us which is why all our homewares are made by artisanal communities in Mexico and growing to other regions worldwide. Just another way to share stories from our communities of makers. At the end of the day we want our stuff to be passed down and have a long lifespan, end up at a flea market and places where they continue to inspire.

What are you some of your go to General Admission clothing and lifestyle pieces currently and why?

Honestly I’m very proud of our team and this collection. There’s so much to choose from to put some solid looks together. I’m definitely rocking the double knee carpenters, the half zip shirts, and our Pico pant is a staple in my closet. The graphic tees are a fresh take on more art based graphics by our good friends Aaron Jupin, Brian Lotti and Michael McGregor.

Focusing on this season’s recent deliveries, which styles have you got your eye on from other brands at HIP?

Man, I really love your curation of brands and I am so excited that we are a part of your offering. I’m a fan of Frizmworks for sure they have great bottoms. Can’t ever go wrong with a Needles cardigan! Love Snow Peak’s outerwear. I wish it wasn’t 70 degrees everyday here. Makes it so hard to have a nice jacket selection.

What’s next for General Admission?

We’ve really just started on this journey. We are going to continue to build upon our collections and always trying to make our product better and more accessible. More story telling through collaborations, events, and a new store in the Silverlake neighbourhood of LA. We’re just getting started.

Keep up to date with General Admission here.

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