HIP HANDPICKED – James Harris – Throwing Fits

A curation of new season highlights by James Harris of Throwing Fits for HIP SS23.

“It seems these days that many people lament the sartorial times we’re in, bemoaning that with infinite access comes a flattening of aesthetic and homogenization of dress.

These people are idiots; and while, yes, some sheep will always flock to the familiar fields of their algorithmic echo chamber, I believe the current menswear landscape – which is without a dominant archetype – is ripe for opportunities to both fortify your foundation while branching out into more unchartered waters. What does that mean for me, personally?

The pants are gonna be on steroids thanks to Auralee and Needles; the textiles are going harder, whether that’s from a giant like C.P. Company that’s still innovating at half a century or the mad genius of Angelo Urrutia of 4SDesigns; and I’m investing in the timeless and quietly elegant basics we will always need from labels like Paraboot.”