Born in 2019, the Copenhagen-based label ANOTHER ASPECT reinterprets classic forms to present timeless menswear pieces. ANOTHER ASPECT takes pride in each minute detail of design and consumption, striving to use responsibly sourced and long-lasting materials at every turn. With its collections designed to find meaning within our everyday journey – whether this be on familiar paths or in new adventures – the label creates seasonless staples that serve our modern needs across “activity, personality and environment”.

In line with our first collection from ANOTHER ASPECT at HIP, we spoke to co-founder and brand director Daniel Brondt about brand origins, designing each collection with longevity in mind and more.

Please introduce yourself, what you do and where you are based?

I’m Daniel Brondt one of three co-founders and Brand Director of Copenhagen-based brand ANOTHER ASPECT. We are still a relatively small team consisting of only six people, so I’m wearing a lot of different hats in the day-to-day operation, but trying to stick to communicating our story and expanding the awareness of our brand. 

What does an average day in the life look like currently working on the brand?

No two days are the same, and we have a lot of fun building the brand and working with the most creative people from around the world. 

Tell us about Another Aspect – how did the brand originally start and what’s your mission plan?

ANOTHER ASPECT is founded by three friends, me, Anders & Nicolaj on the belief that we have an inherent obligation to consider each singular step of our operations and even beyond that; from how we source our raw materials to how it is processed and sewn, how we package it and the ways that we ship our product to how our consumer can best care for the product, how it can be reused and, in the grand scheme of things, how we consume clothing. Our collections grow from an appreciation of going about one’s daily routines while making space for new adventures. By building on archetypal forms and classic elements, we want to create clothes that can complement wherever our everyday journey may take us, be it towards familiar paths or along unknown routes.

Explain the process when designing each collection from start to finish?

From the beginning, we knew that we didn’t want to invent the wheels every 6 months, so instead, we decided to create and continue to perfect, a single, complete, core range of classic menswear elements. So that’s why 60% of our collection is the same again and again. The process of achieving that is just as important as the result. For every product category in our collection, we have carefully sourced the most innovative, talented, and specialized makers. 

Ideas of everyday elements, designed with longevity at its heart – can you expand on this concept and how it encompasses each collection?

We wanted to make an alternative to the fast-paced fashion industry, not designing multiple collections to satisfy the increasing demand for ever-evolving trends. And we looked at ourselves and found out that our wardrobe never seemed to change. Certain styles always captured our interest, the classic and iconic pieces. This is everyday elements and what we want to create with ANOTHER ASPECT. 

Can you further explain the brands stance against thoughtless products and thoughtless consumption?

There’s a lot of talk about sustainability at the moment, using all responsible fabrics, and so on. For us, the most responsible you could do is to make clothing that people want to wear again and again and not make multiple items of the same silhouette to make people buy something they don’t need. 

What’s keeping you inspired outside of creating collections for Another Aspect?

We are very much inspired by working and connecting with creative people from all around the world and have been grateful for all the help that we received from day one. We also find a lot of inspiration in our trips going to visit our skilled Italian makers twice a year. 

What’s next for you and Another Aspect?

We are very aware of not growing too fast and more on a pace so we can control our time and projects. With that said, we of course want to make a difference in the world and help inspire people to be a bit more responsible. 

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