Introducing: Gardens & Seeds

Available exclusively at HIP in Europe – Gardens & Seeds began as an Instagram mood board page in 2018. With its name a metaphor for encouraging creative thought and nurturing an open-minded community, G & S projects a philosophy and lifestyle anchored within positive, enlightening values like mindfulness, creativity and passion for the arts. The label’s platform is a space for discovery, with a curated feed shaped by its West Coast heritage. Whilst being firmly rooted in Californian style and culture, the Long Beach-based label have developed their own unique aesthetic and colour palette. The brand’s apparel collection focuses on clean, neutral colours, wearable designs and subtle intricacies. The result is elevated everyday essentials, allowing wearers to join Gardens & Seeds’ inclusive community and represent their open-minded vision.

In conjunction with our first collection from Garden & Seeds at HIP, we caught up with California based Erick de Vera – Co-founder and Creative Director of Garden & Seeds.

How did G&S begin?

G&S started as a passion project in 2018. It started as our mood board on Instagram, compiled of all our interest, passions, and inspirations that we felt represented the G&S lifestyle.

How would you break down the G&S ethos and feel?

G&S is a lifestyle brand that thrives off mindfulness, creativity, passion for the arts, faith and values on nurturing and building a positive, open minded community. The mission is to inspire and to motivate the doers and dreamers. 

What is the usual process what designing each piece?

A lot of the pieces we’ve designed up to this point are essential pieces that’s missing from our Wardrobe or “Updating” pieces that we love through the G&S perspective. I call it the “G&S Update” like an iOS update on an iPhone.

What’s next for G&S?

We have a few projects and collaborations in the works, but I’m really excited about our 1st Capsule collection.

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Available exclusively at HIP in Europe – Garden & Seeds. Online now.