Introducing: OTTI

Founded in 2022, OTTI is a contemporary womenswear label on a mission to create multi-functional activewear for the rigours of everyday life. OTTI encourages wearers to discover nature and prosper in a healthy active lifestyle. The London-based label’s performance-built clothing will “take you from the studio to the hills” and function as an eco-friendly wardrobe essential for years to come. Focusing on considered design, OTTI uses biodegradable, recycled, and deadstock textiles – all part of a sustainable philosophy. The brand’s versatile clothing is complimented by a palette of bold pastel colours.

In line with our first collection from OTTI at HIP, we spoke to founder Hannah Covacic about the brand’s recent launch in 2022 and her take on modern lifestyle clothing.

Please introduce yourself, what you do and where you are based?

Hi, I’m Hannah. I’m the Design Director for OTTI. I’m based just outside of London.

How did OTTI first begin?

OTTI started at the beginning of the pandemic. “Otium” is the Latin word for leisure, from which OTTI takes its name. It encapsulates the intersections we work across, health and positive-thinking, the desire to create style-focused and functional garments, the beauty of form-respecting and comfortable clothing and a commitment to promoting feel-good movement.

What does an average day in the life look like currently working on the brand?

No two days are the same! As a start up business there’s always so many things to be doing. We’re lucky we have a small but mighty team!

How does your past experience in sportswear inform OTTI?

I’ve been blessed to work for some amazing brands and taken away so many key learnings from those experiences. Seeing the disparity between men’s and women’s offerings has been a real driver for me. Women can really get the short end of the stick – men’s garments consider layering, functionality, etc. Especially in this space. Activewear means more to me than the gym – you’re active every single day. There’s a real opportunity to make things better for women’s functional apparel.

What is OTTI’s take on active lifestyle clothing?

OTTI is elevated, intelligent, outside apparel. We aim to bring joy and soul into garments, creating a lasting relationship with the owner. By using beautiful and tactile materials, uplifting and healing colours, playful details and timeless prints that encourage our wearer to love OTTI pieces for life. We want to create a feel good factor both with our garments and the benefits of their end use.

How important is nature and outdoor activity to OTTI’s philosophy?

We want to inspire women to participate in activities that have been proven to reduce stress and increase levels of positivity. We want to communicate the mental health benefits of nature, going outside and being active. To encourage forest bathing, ‘awe walks,’ therapeutic gardening and meditating or working outside. OTTI supports our community in building healthy habits by designing products that inspire people to venture out whatever the weather.

How does OTTI approach considered design and sustainability?

We ensure we are opting for biodegradable and recyclable alternatives and consider the end of life when it comes to material choices. We are constantly exploring the evolving material innovations and technologies in this space. We acknowledge that there is no one answer to being ‘sustainable’ and that it is a nuanced, ever evolving undertaking and we are dedicated to making the ‘best choices.’ 

Pieces have been designed to stand the test of time and are multifunctional in terms of end-use. Through considered design and meticulous attention to detail, we want to encourage conscious ownership and product longevity.

What’s next for OTTI?

OTTI’s real mission is to give people clothes that inspire better choices. The climate crisis can feel so sprawling but I think we need to consider how you as an individual can make things count where you can. We’re conditioned to feel guilty but powerless but we have power as a collective and it starts with people and their choices. We truly believe in the power of brands to create positive change by making better things and in turn a better world. 

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