New Balance 1300JP3

First released in 1985, New Balance present the return of the highly coveted made in USA 1300JP in the form of the 1300JP3, which marks the third release of the shoe ever outside of Japan.

Early adopters of New Balance in Japan instantly admired the model for it’s high quality and precision design upon initial release in 1985, but only a lucky few got their hands on the style with the original retail running 39’000 yen, which is the equivalent of around $350-400 today. Since then the 1300 has seen release every 5 years to instant sell-out and fanfare globally, with hardcore New Balance fans rushing to hunt down pairs between releases on difficult to use Japanese selling platforms such as Yahoo Auctions JP.

Fast forward to 2020, the latest release of the 1300JP3 stays true to the high standards of the original, with the made in USA production overseen by NB Japan HQ. Standout premium features of the shoe include a Horween leather upper, Vibram sole and the inclusion of the classic New Balance ENCAP cushioning technology.

The New Balance 1300JP3 launches at The Hip Store on 22/02/20 online only at 08:00am priced at £250.