In the ever-changing landscape of our modern urban environments, materials hold values, narratives and tension. Starting as a think piece by visionary founder Samuel Ross, A-COLD-WALL* explores the relationship between material architecture and class within the backdrop of working-class Britain and specifically London’s diverse melting-pot culture.

The label’s name is a literal reference to this study, examining how ideas cross-pollinate between social classes through the lens of materials. ACW uses clothing as a medium to commentate on this idea and the various intellectual concepts that make up its DNA, including other architectural forms, social theories and the wider meaning of industrial design. The concept behind A-COLD-WALL* is also expressed across art, sound, installations and other forms of design, as Ross translates his ideas to different communities.

Over time the brand’s clothing collections have evolved, striking a balance between avant-garde fashion and functional design. ACW’s aesthetic is refined – utilitarian styles often appear in sleek colour palettes. The label is able to blur the lines between industrial materials and luxury fabrics, as well as fashion and the arts, reinforcing the narrative behind the brand in every collection.

A-COLD-WALL* – new to HIP for SS23. Online now.