Opt for Orange

Add a pop of this seasons on-trend orange into your winter wardrobe by scrolling through our latest editorial. There are plenty of options from us in this must-have colour in a variety of styles from several brands. Whether it’s through accessories, staples, layers or a statement coat, our latest guide confirms that the colour orange worn right can look stunning.

So be bold and move away from the sometimes-boring wintertime palate of navy, grey and black and inject some life into your cold season set-up. Inspired by Milan and Paris catwalks from the start of this year, brands have introduced orange onto some core styles and there are some nice tones and shades on offer.




Injecting the colour orange via an accessory or some footwear is a gateway move and rather risk-free. Whether it’s a pair of Anonymous Ism socks, a Fjallraven Kanken or Byron beanie, or even a burnt-orange pair of Clarks Originals Wallabees it’s a shrewd but strong move.



Mid-layers are a fail-safe alternative too, take the Norse Projects Vorm Mercerised Sweatshirt or the corduroy Barbour Morris shirt for example, a gorgeous garment on its own but also a low-key colour supplement under your layers.



Feeling a bit more fearless? Then pick up a statement jacket in the shade of orange this year. Whether it’s your Patagonia rainwear or your down-filled Penfield coat you’ll be bang on trend, just don’t overdo the colour count beyond the jacket and it’s a striking look.

So hopefully all that should have you feeling inspired and encouraged by the colour orange, and always remember confidence is king.