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First beginning as a Danish graphic design studio started in 2005 by Trine Andersen – Ferm Living grew into a lifestyle brand out of the frustration of what was available at the time in the market. Producing extensive collections of ceramics, tea towels, cushions and more – Ferm Living blurs the lines between traditional Scandinavian taste and contemporary graphic design with an edge. In Trinie’s own words, the growth of the brand has been nothing short of a success story “Since then, the company has evolved into a leading Danish brand of design accessories and furniture for every room in your home.  The range includes furniture, textiles, decorative objects, wallpaper, designs for the kitchen, bathroom and office”.

To understand Ferm Living more closely, it is important to understand Danish and Scandinavian culture as a whole. Know as a sub-region for having the best education, a stable economy and most happy population, this foundation has helped lead to a flourishing creative field, with designers from Scandinavia propelling to being leaders in their field. During the formative first decade for Ferm Living, Scandinavian design quickly began to rise on a global scale through both lifestyle goods and clothing, with brands such as Norse Projects, Wood Wood, Samsoe Samsoe, and Sun Buddies quickly gaining notoriety. With this strong recognition from customers and stores alike, it became clear the respect had for the design language and values held from this new, exciting melting pot. With retailers worldwide accepting the considered, minimal mindset with open arms, Scandinavian design is able to give a refreshing outlook on a often cluttered world. Speaking on the organic growth of the brand, Trinie explained “Products are sold in specialist design stores all over Europe –  Ferm Living favours “honest” materials that have been used by craftsmen for millennia and prefers sustainable and organic alternatives where feasible”.

Alongside creating and following their unique design DNA, with ongoing ranges in each collection such as the Sekki series, which is based on rediscovering the magic of ancient manufacturing, Ferm builds each collection with their values as a base “Most important to me, however, is that Ferm Living reflects a set of values that we can be proud of. Our biggest ambition is, and has always been, to inspire people to create the kind of space that makes them feel comfortable, that allows them to be themselves in their own home” explains Trine.

Here at HIP, for our first delivery of Ferm Living in conjunction with the launch of HIP Living, we chose to give our customers the full Ferm experience from the beginning. Offering a wide range which encapsulates the brands DNA and design language fully, whether it be an investment piece or a small everyday accessory, there is something for everyone.

“A home, after all, is much more than a collection of beautiful objects – it’s the place where life happens.” – Trine Andersen, Ferm Living founder.

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HIP Living - Ferm Living - Rug - Trine Andersin
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