Spring Shirting

Spring shirting: The Hip Store’s guide

After we nailed the art of the transitional spring jacket last week, this time out we’re peeling back to another key layer of your spring wardrobe: the shirt.

While picking a shirt seems an easy task on the surface, many a man has come a cropper by being all Lasseiz-faire about their choice. To prevent the same fate from befalling you, the Hip Store presents for you our ultimate guide to the three key shirt types for you this spring.

The Oxford Shirt

Spring Shirting 2

The Oxford shirt is the perfect laid-back piece that conveys a sense of ease and comfort while creating a sleek, clean look’. That’s how Ralph Lauren describe our ultimate go to on the shirt front, and we couldn’t put it better ourselves. It’s the ultimate smart-casual shirt, that can be dressed up or down at your behest. As you’d expect from our description above, Polo Ralph Lauren is a dab hand at the Oxford shirt, while Norse Projects’ seminal Anton shirt and the understated cool of A.P.C’s Oxford also can’t be missed.

The Grandad shirt

Spring Shirting 3

The sophisticated older brother of the Oxford shirt, the Grandad collar is a classic cut that can be worked into any outfit. The banded collar on this blue chambray Grandpa shirt from Scottish-favourites Folk is a prime example of the style, with the close-fitting neck juxtaposed with a slightly wider than the norm, curved hem meaning it’s another great choice for smart or casual looks. We also can’t get enough of this banded collar shirt from Engineered Garments, in a cool grey/blue, either.

The Overshirt

Spring Shirting 3

Perfectly treading that line between a shirt and a jacket, the overshirt is a workwear mainstay that is now an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. Perfect for layering during the notoriously tricky period between winter and spring, the overshirt is a favourite garment here at the Hip Store. If you’re looking to dip your toes in the water, it doesn’t get much better than the Veste de Comptoir in navy by French brand Bleu de Paname, while Universal Works’ poplin Bakers overshirt is a modern menswear classic.

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