Talking Berghaus With Bags Of Flavor

Located on the corner of Tib Street, Manchester – Bags Of Flavor was originally founded in 2000 by vintage and heritage enthusiast Rich Gill. Specialising in curating and selling his archive to people of all ages, Rich has accumulated a vast knowledge in brands he has bought and sold over the years. We met up with Rich in his store recently to talk all things Berghaus ahead of the Dean Street Collection launch.

Over the past 15 years, Rich has accumulated one of the most vast Berghaus collections about. Talking on his love for the brand and its history, Rich said “I’ve probably sold thousands of Berghaus Jackets over twenty years, it’s always been a brand that I’ve really enjoyed because they’ve got such a diverse back catalogue of stuff, I think Berghaus has stood the test of time because they were using the best quality fabrics that they could at the time and they obviously had amazing designers designing these things.”

The Berghaus Dean Street Collection is coming soon to The Hip Store.