What to pack for a weekend getaway?

What to pack for a weekend getaway?

You can’t beat a weekend getaway, and whether you’re staying within these fair isles or travelling further afield, making the most of your limited baggage allowance is key. The unpredictability of the weather at the moment makes it even harder to pack for, and you can be forgiven for feeling a sense of foreboding at the prospect of choosing what to take and what to leave.

Ever helpful, the Hip Store wants to make your life as easy as possible. We’ve pulled together the ultimate weekend bag, full to the brim with the best garms to cover you whatever the weather.

The bag

No, that wheel along suitcase your nan gave you just won’t cut it. You want something lightweight, portable yet rugged to transport your trusty cargo from A to B, and the small duffle bag in Otter green from Filson is the answer you were looking for.

The tee

Next you want to get your layering right, and the best place to start is a good quality, well-cut tee. Your choice is nigh on endless these days for great quality t-shirts, but this week we’re really feeling Saturdays Surf NYC’s range of 100 per cent cotton pique tees with pockets in block colours, especially this heather number. The perfect base on which to build any outfit (maybe pack a spare in case the weekend takes a turn for the messy).

The jeans

A sensible yet stylish choice that can be worn all weekend no matter the occasion. Bring a bit of Japanese craftsmanship to your weekend bag by choosing the slim fit OrSlow 107s in onewash.

The shirt

Not just any shirt will do here, you want something that will work well pulled on unbuttoned if a Saturday afternoon walk takes the turn for the chilly, and can be buttoned up to the nines when you hit that ‘little place you know’ on the evening. For such occasions, the Hip Store will invariably reach for the lightweight Bakers overshirt from Nottingham’s finest Universal Works.

The trainers

You’re relaxing, so you want to make sure your shoe options aren’t all business. As such, good trainers are a necessity for a weekend break, and they don’t get much more versatile than Novesta’s Star Master in ecru. The soft canvas uppers are lightweight and breathable – perfect should Mr Sunshine decide to make an appearance.

The boots

While a good pair of trainers will see you through most occasions these days, packing something a bit more robust is recommended too. If robust is what you’re after, it’s hard to look away from Redwing, especially the original styling of the Moc Toe boot in Oro Russet – perfect for a long way on path or pavement and the pub afterwards.

The sunglasses

Let’s be optimistic – the weather hasn’t been that bad this year so far, therefore carrying with you a pair of good-quality sunglasses is definitely a good idea. Timeless by name, timeless by nature, the Han Kjobenhavn clip-on sunglasses in amber sun are built to last a lifetime.

The jacket

However, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. The chance of a freak shower is never beyond the realms of possibility, and carrying a hooded, summer-weight jacket is a practical solution. The crisp, clean lines of the Nunk summer cotton jacket in navy from Norse Projects is the one.

The toiletries

Perennially left behind, packing up your own favoured toiletries is a sure fire way to ensure you get a little taste of home while on your break. Plump for a good quality soap that will refresh you enough to make the most of your trip, such as Mr Natty’s handpressed Shipwreck soap.

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