What’s Up Chuck?

The Converse Chuck 70 is quite simply our go-to shoe. They pretty much go with anything you wear so you can just lace them up whenever without much thought. With plenty of colourways on offer it’s quite easy to end up having a few pairs before you know it. What’s great about the Chuck 70 is that it can completely elevate your look whatever iteration you choose, low or high. The low is great for the summer months, but if you run into some rain you’re in trouble due to the low-cut silhouette it possesses. With the high you get the addition of the beautiful All-Star branding to the inside ankle and they combat the elements really well, but if we’re honest, we prefer our Chuck’s a little rough around the edges.

Last week we received our first AW17 delivery and it was full of lovely new season colours including a re-stock of the ‘parchment’ as well as a ‘Chateau Rose’ (Pink), ‘Dark Sangria’ (Burgundy), ‘Blue Slate’ (Light Blue), ‘Jaded’ (Light Green) and ‘Midnight’ (Navy). But it’s not the colour options that makes this shoe great; anyone who knows a thing or two about footwear will tell you that it’s the Chuck 70’s finer details that make this such a celebrated shoe.








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