Beams Plus SS21 Collection At HIP

Beams Plus SS21 Collection At HIP Linen Cardigan

Known worldwide for its masterful interpretation of classic American menswear, Beams Plus is a private-label brand started in 1999 by Japan’s lifestyle retailer Beams.

Beams Plus harks back to the golden era of American casual wear and brings the rugged aesthetic of that age to the modern day, thanks to modern cuts and materials crafted with a Japanese attention to detail. Beams Plus has been the go-to brand perfect for staples such as checked shirts, striped tees and banded collars for years but it’s also the brand to turn to if you’re looking to inject a statement piece into your core rotation that’s sure to turn heads.

Drawing deep inspiration and respect from America’s Golden Age, the mid-1940s to mid-60s – post World War II as the victor and the economy was booming. Every business sector in the US saw massive development, and dress codes, or uniforms, were defined for various lifestyles. Four main uniform categories were fostered in this era that are the basis of global fashion thereafter: American trad, workwear, sportswear and military wear. Beams Plus is able to see timeless beauty in the functional designs of uniform fashion, and strives to honor such tradition in its modern interpretations.

This SS21 Beams Plus return with an expansive collection that perfectly meshes the best of American menswear with Japan’s famed tailoring and craftsmanship. Standout items in the collection include the Gabardine Balmacaan Mac Jacket, Linen Jacquard Cardigan and the Open Collar Madras Long Sleeve Shirt which sit amongst a rich and mature colour palette for this Summer mixed within a wide variety of unique materials used such as original Indian Madras cotton, pigment dyed fleece and soft 100% linen knit.

The Beams Plus SS21 Collection at HIP is online now.

Beams Plus SS21 Collection At HIP Cuff-Off Short Sleeved Sweatshirt, Open Collar Mil Chambray Long Sleeve Shirt, Pleated Twill Pants
Beams Plus SS21 Collection At HIP,  Striped Cardigan, Gabardine Balmacaan Mac Jacket
Beams Plus SS21 Collection At HIP,  Striped Cardigan, Pigment Dyed Hooded Sweatshirt
Beams Plus SS21 Collection At HIP,  Striped Cardigan, Pigment Dyed Hooded Sweatshirt, Cuff-Off Short Sleeved Sweatshirt, Hooded Blackwatch Parka