Getting To Know: Not Another Classic Rug

Getting To Know: Not Another Classic Rug HIP Nike Dunk Rug

Here at HIP, we’re big fans of those who give the world their own creative take on their passions and make something from nothing as independent businesses. To celebrate the launch of the Nike Dunk High Blaze Orange/White (AKA the Syracuse), we connected with Barcelona based studio NOT ANOTHER CLASSIC RUG, which is a 2 strong team of handmade rug artists, to create our own custom Dunk High Rug to giveaway to our community on launch day. We caught up with the duo to talk about their passion for Nike, rug making and more.

Hi Aixa and Lidia, please introduce yourself, where you’re from and what you do?

Not Another Classic Rug is the brainchild of two creative minds that can’t stop creating – we are Aixa Sanuy & Lidia Ansio and we teamed up to design and make custom rugs that you won’t want to step on. Our rugs are unique pieces made by hand that give style and color to special places.

How was Not Another Classic Rug born, tell us the story?

We love to transform classic objects and accessories into a blank canvas to explore new forms and express our creative ideas. Not Another Classic Rug was born in middle of 2020 when the world was stopped by a pandemic. We already founded a creative socks brand in the past 2013 economic crash in Spain, and 2020 was for us a new opportunity to stop and start with this new personal project as a rug makers. Now we work on both business and we are happy to spend our time in what we love to do.

How did this connect with your sock brand?

Both projects are connected in a creative way. We love to show our crazy ideas and style in every project we do, from the way of production to the images we share. With both projects we work in collaboration with several artists worldwide and we love to create new designs linked with talented personalities.

You’re based in Barcelona, tell us about the sneaker community in your area?

We are sneaker collectors since we were kids. We grew up in Barcelona and we follow all the sneaker culture here. We lived within a huge sneakers scene back in the era of 2000-2010, now it is still alive and we have good spots in the city to grab a good pair. 

With everyone staying at home more, DIY rugs along with DIY custom culture in a whole seems to have rocketed in popularity in the sneaker/streetwear space over the last year, why do you think this is?

DIY  is always a personal way to demonstrate your art and skills. It is good to see how DIY rocketed in popularity recently, that makes people more curious and creative. Working in crafts always give you a kind of zen and arty mood good for your brain. Rug making is an ancient art, quite new in the “urban scene”. Our main idea is always to show a creative way to modernize the classic concept of a rug and give personality and art to interiors. Our coloured and creative rugs catched so many eyes internet and we are really grateful about this feedback. 

For those who don’t know the details, tell us about the start to finish process of making a rug from the initial design?

All our rugs are unique editions commissioned by artists and brands. All starts when an artist we like contact us and we work on a design together. The idea is projected on a fabric and we draw all lines. Then we start tufting all forms drawing with colorful wool and we work on all details with different scissors and trimmers. To finish we add latex to the backing and glue the backing with special cloth for the floor.  All the process is manual work and it takes time and patience. We love to pay attention to details and spend a lot of hours to have the best results in every piece. 

You’re huge Nike fans – tell us about your history with Nike personally and your first experience with the Dunk, as it sees a huge comeback over the last 12 months?

Right! Half of our clothing and sneakers are Nike’s. The brand represents our lifestyle; sport & creative. We wore our first Nike Dunk sneakers when we were about 13 years old and we wore them everyday, we loved wearing them to skate and walk in the city. It is great to see it’s back – a classic!

Lastly, do you have any advice for people wanting to start their own DIY business? And how can people get in touch to get a rug made by you?

People can contact us on our Instagram, website or by mail at We will be happy to see people’s ideas and bring to life the most creative ones! To the ones that want to start a DIY business… let your mind flow and create without limits! You will never regret starting a new project that motivates you. 

Follow and keep up to date with Not Another Classic Rug here and shop our latest Nike footwear and apparel here.

Getting To Know: Not Another Classic Rug HIP Nike Dunk Rug
Getting To Know: Not Another Classic Rug HIP Nike Dunk Rug
Getting To Know: Not Another Classic Rug HIP Nike Dunk Rug
Getting To Know: Not Another Classic Rug HIP Nike Dunk Rug
Getting To Know: Not Another Classic Rug HIP Nike Dunk Rug Box