Camber USA At HIP – History Of The Iconic Sportswear Brand

Who Runs Camber USA?

Camber USA is ran by Barry Schwartz, who comes from a long lineage of garment makers. The family initially started out making women’s coats, but the business closed in 1977 after a fire swept through the factory. Camber is old school in many senses. Schwartz runs a wholesale-only operation, dealing with businesses from large fashion retailers to local American industrial companies. Schwartz oversees every aspect of the business himself, and his team of 30 sewers and 2 cutters often work through orders in the sequence they arrived. This is one of reasons why Camber has become so coveted and hard to find – the company sticks to its way of working at every turn.

What is Camber USA?

Camber USA makes classic athletic sportswear – hoodies, sweats and pants that are regarded as the best in the market. Camber’s cult status stems from its superior quality and the appeal of its made in the USA production. Whilst the label uses different textiles, one of its key fabrics is Cross Knit. The Cross-Knit is an American cotton that Schwartz developed over 30 years ago in a Pennsylvania mill. The fabric is 90% cotton and 10% polyester and renowned for its heaviness. The inside feels soft and cosy, whilst the outer is durable and tough, explaining why Camber has built a legendary reputation of made to last in its most true form. Loyal wearers of the brand have noted Camber pieces lasting for decades.

How Does Camber USA Fit?

The fit is boxy at first, but shrinks nicely with washes to end up as slightly boxy – a classic athleisurewear fit. The fabric also becomes softer after washes – another reason for Camber products’ longevity.

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