New To HIP: GR10K

GR10K is an outsider carving its own path within modern fashion. Born in 2019, the label operates as a subversive hidden collective. GR10K is concerned with underground social pockets and the deprogramming of cultures. Each collection is a way to investigate the groups and structures detached from civil society. This idea translates to clothing as the brand recontextualises the true purpose of a garment based on its research. GR10K does not make items out of novelty. The label explores the lack of depth in modern clothing consumption by establishing the different realms in which a garment can operate.

This identity is seen through industrial workwear uniforms and military-grade styles, pushing the boundaries of what clothing can represent. GR10K often uses upcycled fabrics from its parent company – Grassi Alfredo SPA, an Italian factory that has been producing uniforms designed for labour intensive industries and the military sectors since 1925. Reworking the most technical fabrics into sleek utilitarian styles, GR10K’s uniqueness lays in its ability to maintain a fabric’s original purpose and nature. This includes some of the most technical fireproof and water-repellent materials.

In terms of the brands final aesthetic, it manages to sit between genres like military-wear, sportswear and utility clothing – introducing versatile styles that remain subtle enough for continuous wear.

GR10K – New To HIP For SS23 – Online Now.