Festival Fever

As the festival season enters its peak we put together a few bits we could see ourselves wearing depending on the type of festival we’re off to. Covering everything from accessories that’ll carry all of our festival essentials to the perfect tops, pants, outerwear and footwear.


Best of British | Think Glastonbury, Festival No. 6. Let’s start with headwear that’ll combat that inevitable British rain or if you’re an optimist, something that will be ideal for when the sun shows. Our selection of summer coats and jackets will be just the ticket for when the cold starts to bite after sundown too.


Featured above: Patagonia – P-6 Logo Trucker Cap | Armor Lux – 74724 Popover Jacket  | Polo Ralph Lauren – Embroided Chino Short | Bata Heritage – Bata Bullet High Top Canvas


Featured above: TSPTR – | California T-Shirt


Featured above: Beams Plus – BD Madras Crazy Short Sleeve Shirt | Barbour – Tiverton Tee | Norse Projects – Aros Light Shorts | Eastland – Stonington 1955 Boot

City Slicks | Think Field Day, Primavera Sound. For a city-based festival you’re going to need a completely an entirely different set of clothes. For us, a festival in the city and a technical pair of runners is an absolute no-brainer, these New Balance 247 Luxe would be ideal. On top we’re thinking a plenty of pieces that work as layers so you can peel off a layer depending on where you’re up to; at a bar in the city or at the festival site. You need to try and look a bit more presentable don’t you, well we’ve plenty of lovely clothes that’ll sort you out.



Featured above: Universal Works – Mambo Cotton Road Shirt | Norse Projects – Esben Blind Stitch T-Shirt


Featured above: Polo Ralph Lauren – Chino Short


Featured above: Universal Works – Twill Military Work Short | Carhartt – Fatigue Short | New Balance – 247 Luxe


Featured above: Norse Projects – James Fine Stripe T-Shirt | Patagonia – LW Travel Mini Hip Bag


Featured above: Edwin – Federal Jacket | New Balance – 247 Luxe


Beach Boy | Think Soundwave Festival, Hideout Festival. These festivals are great; a summer holiday and festival combined. You’re not going to need to pack a lot, trust us we are in-the-know (loads of t-shirts, one pair of shorts, one pair of swim shorts for the duration and you’re set). Sunglasses are a must, a shed-load of t-shirts is the obvious one and then some hot-weather appropriate footwear will do just nicely. Finally, a little bag will be a life saver; you can keep allsorts in here including that fancy currency, sun cream and some valuables.

Featured above: Universal Works – Brick Print Road Shirt | Universal Works – Brick Print Beach Short | Converse – Chuck 70


Featured above: Universal Works – Single Jersey Embroidered T-Shirt | Han Kjobenhavn Sunglassses


Featured above: Polo Ralph Lauren – Chino Short


Featured above: Universal Works – Havana Stripe Road Shirt

So they’re have it. Our take on what we feel is appropriate clothing for whatever festival you’re off to this summer. Enjoy yourself wherever you go, sincerely The Hip Store.