A Torrentshell for the torrential

Entering the British high-summer and torrential showers are two things that quite annoying just go hand in hand. Every year, without fail. This is where Patagonia steps up. Patagonia offer probably the best pound-for-pound waterproof jackets out there. Most notably, we are referencing the Torrentshell Jacket. For the money, what you get in return is unrivalled value; it’s lightweight, comes in loads of fancy colours (sensible ones too), it’s fully waterproof, it’s breathable (which is so hard to come by when searching for a waterproof jacket) and it’s made of 100% recycled materials. Though what we love most is the ability to pack back into itself. This brilliant function gives you the option to carry it around with you all summer and you’ll never get caught short when the showers show.

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Explore our extensive collection of rainwear from Patagonia including the Torrentshell right away because let’s face it, umbrellas are absurd.