A curation of new season highlights for HIP Summer ’23 by Danny Lomas – model and host of Dansplaining: The Danny Lomas Podcast.

“I often think if I were to start my wardrobe again, where would I start? My style has always been a bit mis-matched – With mod heritage from my mum I’ve always loved sleeker classic silhouettes, but then developing an interest in streetwear in my early teens, leaning more into menswear in my mid to late teens and from thereon kind of loving a bit of anything in between, I guess my style and picks take reference and inspiration from each part of my life.

Being June and Living currently in the heart of Shoreditch, my needs aren’t really to find the latest technical fabrics crafted to withstand ruthless temperatures, but more to find complementary pieces designed to keep you cool and steezy on your treks to the pub beer garden rather than Everest.”

Featuring Beams Plus, Engineered Garments, Vinny’s, adidas Originals, Nicholas Daley, Visvim, Nanamica, Clarks Originals, Martine Rose and Stone Island.