Puma ‘Running System’ Series

For the spring season Puma pay homage to an historic moment in its history. This latest pack is a tribute to its archive RS Computer Shoe, its cutting edge ‘Running System’ technology from the ‘80s and subsequent models.

Puma first launched its ‘Running System’ technology back in 1980 with the RS-100 model. This runner combined classic performance running characteristics with innovative technology. This tech was way ahead of its time and sparked a new era in the athletic footwear market.


After the success of the R-100, Puma launched the Computer Shoe with a built-in computer chip at the heel. This was the first time an electronic device had been placed in a running shoe. This custom-built micro-chip recorded data such as running time, distance and calories burned. Data of this kind helped runners gain useful insight into their runs, offered motivation and provided incentives to help build up a personal database.

Once a user had been on a run, they had to plug their trainers into a computer to receive the data that allowed them to look through the stats, build a digital running diary and set goals.

These two styles were a huge hit at the time and paved the way for a third model to come through, the RS-350. These were pivotal years that represented an important stage of the evolution of athletic footwear that many people thought would never happen.


Over thirty years after this breakthrough technology, Puma celebrate this legacy with a three-shoe pack in the original ‘Archive Green’ colourway.

The RS-0 is the modern-day version of the original RS Computer Shoe with the heel module removed and replaced with a elastic green band. All three styles have been streamlined with premium uppers, perforated branding, modern fabrics and signature green accents throughout.

The Puma RS-0, RS-100 and RS-350 are online now.