Wood Wood SS18

Arriving at The Hip Store for the very first time, the Danish fashion and lifestyle brand Wood Wood drop an opening collection of graphic t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and shirts. Founded in Copenhagen back in 2002, Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian SS Jensen direct the brand and have developed the brand into a highly-covetable label all around the world.

Wood Wood has grown from a small lifestyle boutique selling limited edition t-shirts, sneakers, skateboards and art into a world-famous brand collaborating with some huge names including Maharishi, Adidas, Champion, Nike and Barbour naming just a few.



This contemporary streetwear brand take inspiration from various worlds including street culture, music, film and art with seasonal collections that include playful and expressive graphics across classic silhouettes.



This ambitious, street-influenced brand sit somewhere between streetwear, sports-fashion and high-end menswear with an individual Scandi twist. Clean lines and quality fabrics are at the heart of each design. Somehow Wood Wood shift through the different gears of the fashion spectrum with a refined simplicity and its latest offering is true to form. Shop Wood Wood SS18 here.