Viva La Universal Works

British workwear enthusiasts Universal Works have come through with more SS17 goodness and their offering is looking stronger than ever. Of course, we have the usual suspects that just grow on us more and more each season. The Twill Military Work Shirt and Bakers Overshirt for example, both with subtle summer season updates. In addition to these two aforementioned heroes we also have delved into their central spring / summer campaign that gives us a more extrovert offering than our usual collection.

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This season they’ve revamped their uniform by exploring various inspirations from all things revolution: mid-century Cuba and the influence of the anti-establishment Beat movement in the USA. What you can expect this season is all-over prints, graphic t-shirts and loud prints, it works really well and we like it a lot.

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APC US Range

What’s best is the majority is just perfect for the summer months. We’ve overshirts, a host of t-shirts, shirts both long and short in sleeve and overshirts galore. Absolutely none of it is overdesigned or overworked, it’s just a well-made, thought-out collection of clothing crafted from the finest cotton available and we love it.

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Take a closer look at the latest Universal Works delivery and you’ll see for yourself how nice the collection is.